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Following the success of the AAC block LeichtBric, in 2018 we started to manufacture AAC Panels called LeichtPanel. Our panels consist of 3 different usage such as for Wall, Floor and Lintel. These panels are designed to accelerate the process of construction with tremendous speed while improving the quality of the projects . As the panels are light weight and has dependable precision. LeichtPanel offers better solution to manage time, construction workers, aesthetic , cleaner construction site and less wastage = more cost savings.

Benefits of AAC Panel Products


Project Timeline

Shape and the nature of the AAC LeichtPanel characteristics simplify the construction process. Work faster and easier than using other conventional building material.


Fast and easy installation

Lightweight but strong facilitate the workmanship and handling in the field. AAC LeichtPanel is a product that can be sawed, drilled, nailed or formed using ordinary working equipment.


Economic value

With the characteristics of AAC LeichtPanel products, the loads of the foundation are smaller so it can reduces project timeline, reduces material loss during construction, reduces cost to clean up the site, & saving on electricity usage costs


Property value

AAC products provide added value at each building use, such as high resistance to fire up to 4 hours, the neater works, energy saving, comfort & strength and will be recognized as green building.

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