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Fenster PVC-U by way of contrast not only protect you against heat but also save money because more efficient thermal insulation also means you cut the amount of energy you consume in cooling your house. The structure of Fenster PVC-U profiles is made from one piece by using homogeneous joining technique so there is no gap for noise to sneak in. Fenster profiles fulfill the demands of DIN 4109 (sound insulation). The noise can be reduced up < 20 db. Fenster PVC-U profiles are fully resistant to termites. Termites are not able to attack Fenster PVC-U profiles.
Due the excellent material properties, Fenster PVC-U profiles are remain unchanged for long period even facing difficult climatic conditions, such as extreme temperatures or salt-laden sea air. Fenster PVC-U profiles are made from special compound and reinforce with sturdy metal ensure all profiles are stand against high impact. One of the main benefit from Fenster PVC-U is their water resistance to driving rain. Fenster PVC-U profiles fulfill the demands of DIN 18055(resistance to driving rain). All windows and doors are designed to watertight.
Easy care describes Fenster PVC-U profiles best. Dry, wet or aggressive dirt doesn't adhere to Fenster's perfected. Normally only a mild detergent is required to clean the profiles. Fenster PVC-U profiles offer considerable fire production. The material possesses a fire retardant thus, actively contributing to the spread of fire is precluded. Fenster PVC-U profiles material are corrosive free therefore Fenster windows & doors are ideal for being installed in buildings close to the sea where they are permanently exposed to strong wind, heavy rain & salty air or in heavy industry areas where usually the air pollution is bad.
Fenster are made from stable, highly impact resistant multi chamber PVC-U profiles with integrated steel reinforcement. These combinations offer the best solution to make things as difficult as possible for burglar to break ins. With Fenster products you can implement your very own personal style. Windows in all shapes & styles from classic, Mediterranean, to modern design can be applied. Fenster PVC-U profiles are reinforced with large sized metal profiles. Their static strength conforms to the exacting requirements of skyscraper construction. The windows remain tight even when subjected to driving rain or storms.
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