Bonding Agent - LM 1500

About Bonding Agent

Adhesive material between the old concrete/mortar surface with new concrete/mortar surface. Using the basic ingredients Styrene Butadiene Rubber (SBR), suitable for both wet and dry areas, exterior and interior purposes.


  • Practical, ready to use with just using brush
  • Economical, time and energy efficient
  • High quality with high bond strength
  • Application for interior and exterior area

Area of Application

  • As a primer for new and old concrete substrate
  • Admixture for cement mortar, floorscreed topping, and splatter dash
  • Admixture for tile bedding

Product Detail

Packaging 20 Litre / jerry can
Coverage / sack ± 8 - 10 m2 per litre (as a primer)