Product Benefits


Consistency in quality and color of Door Finishing

At Broco, we provide doors with the same color and textured finishing on all 6 sides of surface, whether exposed or concealed.

Other suppliers would only provide color finishing on the front, but not on the sides and back. Such discrepancy affects the overall look and feel of your kitchen and wardrobe sets.


Carcass Strength and Robustness

Thickness of doors and carcass (materials of MFC, MDF or HPL) affects the strength, integrity and durability of the kitchen cabinets and wardrobes.

At Broco, we follow international standard for doors & carcass.

Broco Cabinetry System Benefits - Carcass Strength and Robustness

Veneer Finishing

At Broco, we have a wide range of Veneers in terms of color, grain and texture for your taste and liking.

Each veneer finishing is carefully laid out and imprinted on high grade MDF doors, resulting in even and consistent finishing of highest quality.

Broco Cabinetry System Benefits - Venner Finishing

Profile Lacquered Door

Broco is best well known for high-gloss lacquered door finishing.

With many layers of coatings, Broco high-gloss lacquered finishing is unparalled in smoothness, gloss and reflection.

To top it off, you can also find the largest color selection for your choice of high gloss.

Broco Cabinetry System Benefits - Carcass Strength and Robustness

Quality and Safe Internal Mechanism

At Broco, we provide pull-out that have extensible guide rails with soft closing mechanism. The load bearing capacity of the guide is designed for +/- 30 to 50 kilograms.

Double wall steel side drawer in white coating and 16mm thick solid bases form the very stable basic cabinet.

All doors are provided with 107° opening angle soft closing hinges, which make them are quiet and smooth in action.

All cabinet sides will be supplied with white color laminate coating. This will remain white even if the interior of glass cupboards / shelves consist of a different color.

All shelves are height adjustable and safeguarded against accidental removal. Shelf support are made of heavy duty metal.

Wall unit fixings are concealed at the back of the unit. It can be adjustable from cupboard interior by covered adjustment mechanism. The loading capacity per pair of fixing is 60 kg.

Broco Cabinetry System Benefits - Quality and Safe Internal Mechanism