Broco electrical accessories has been in Indonesia market for almost 40 years. Since its founding, Broco electrical has proven itself to be dynamic market leader and pioneer in manufacturing quality electrical products. To complete the electrical range, Broco electrical also manufacture MCB (Mini Circuit Breaker) and MCB Box, Floor Socket Outlet, Motion Sensor and Outdoor Switch & Socket.

Today, Broco electrical has succeded in developing smart automation system to make homes or buildings smart. This system is called Bbus (Broco Home/Building Automation). By installing Bbus, you can turn your ordinary home or building to a smart building to guarantee the seamless connection of the lighting, cooling, ventilation, screens, audio, alarm, CCTV and other existing technologies.

As a user, you are free to decide how sophisticated your system should be and what your priorities are. The purpose of all this is to offer a building’s user more comfort & peace of mind while reducing energy consumption.

Our Electrical Products