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Oil Free

BGP is oil free. You don't have to worry that oily substance from your fingers will stick to the glass when you touch the printed glass.
Unlike with the sand blasted products where oily finger prints can not be removed


Scratch Resistance

BGP is also scratch resistance. The color is permanently printed on the glass, it can't be removed and does not peel off.


Safety Glass

BGP is also a safety glass because is tempered. That is why BGP is 3 to 5 times stronger than regular glass and if the glass does break it will shatter into small pieces.


Easy Cleaning

To clean BGP simply use regular cloth with water and soap

      Unlimited Creativity

That is true! Practically any design can be applied on the inside/outside of the building, contrasting in shape and colors. Incorporating drawings and texts.
      Wide Applications

The application for glass printing and grooving are limitless. These types of decorative glass can be used in the following : store front, decorative furniture, bathrooms, wall partitions, patio, window display, commercial window and doors, glass heater, microwave glass door, kitchen cabinets etc.
The combination of glass printing and grooving will definitely improve the appearance of your home or office.
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