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Broco glass has always been proud of its close links to innovation and quality. And now Broco glass proudly presents Broco Glass Printing (BGP). With The technology we have now, we can decorate ordinary looking glass with pictures. Glass can be decorated in a number of ways such as coloring and grooving or by combining of both ways. Decorations can be carried out in one or more colors according to our specifications. Our Glass Printing is a glass which has been printed by a silk screen with glass enamel before the glass is tempered.

During the tempering process, the glass enamel fuses into the glass surface and becomes a permanent coating which can not be damaged or removed by cleaning or scrubbing etc. the coating is also affected by moistures, oil, soaps, chemicals, or detergents and retains it’s original appearance throughout the life of the glass.

Glass Printing and Grooving are extensively used in the interiors in partitions, furniture, inner doors, and shower installations etc. On the exterior, images, signage, company names or logos can be made on the entrance doors or partitioning members as well as display windows.
There are however limitations on color choices, design and sizes which may be confirmed before designing.

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