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Energy and Temperature control

  • Helps to keep heat out. During summer B.I.G units will help to reduce total heat gain, making it easier to cool the home in the summer. For tropical countries the use of B.I.G will significantly blocked off the heat and radiation by sunlight.
  • Helps to keep heat in, during winter B.I.G units reflect heat back into the room by keeping the temperature of the glass warmer, cold spots and drafts are minimized throughout the house while for cold countries the use of B.I.G units will greatly increasing heating efficiency
  • Save on electricity bills, B.I.G unit greatly reduce the energy loss, so heating of cooing costs will be much lower.

Noise Reduction

B.I.G can reduce inside noise levels by as much as 50 %. Acoustic performance can be further boosted by using glass which is thicker of laminated. So even you live on a busy road, with our B.I.G windows you can hear yourself think and rest.



The use of B.I.G units also ensures safety. By combining our B.I.G with Broco U-PVC frame and Broco tempered glass it allows even more strength and assurance, provide not only sound and heat reduction but also a safety aspect of become even burglar proof.


Rays reflector

Ultra violet rays can fade and damage expensive carpet and upholstery, but B.I.G with low E can blocks many there rays protecting our valuables and keeps your family and love ones safe from there harmful rays.

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