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BIG is an advance insulation system against heat and noise

BIG is made up of two or more parallel sheets of glass, held apart by aluminum spacers bars. The main purpose of these spacer is to improve the insulting characteristics of the B.I.G units, either against heat (heat reduction) of noise (noise reduction). Using ordinary windows can rob your home of warmth and comfort. Installation B.I.G double glazing will definitely improve your home of office comfort more than you dreamed possible.

  • PRIMARY SEAL consisting of a hot melt butyl or a POB (Poly Iso Butylene). This seal provide a barrier for moisture penetration
  • ALUMINIUM SPACER (or other type) filed with moisture absorbing desiccant.
  • SECONDARY SEAL performing a structural function of holding the two panes of glass together. There are a number of types of secondary seals, including polysulphide, polyurethane, and silicone.
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