Non Shrink Grout - LM 1300

About Non Shrink Grout

LeichtMix Non-Shrink Grout LM 1300 is specially formulated, pre packed and ready to use. It is a Non-Shrink and Non-Segregated cementitious grout.


  • Practical, ready to use with just adding water
  • Economical, time and energy efficient
  • High quality with good compressive strength
  • Easy to flow
  • The result of the application is not shrinking, resistant to impact
  • Can be used in any area as needed
  • Application for interior and exterior area

Area of Application

  • Bedding of industrial equipment, anchor bolt, base plate
  • Patching of honeycombs in concrete
  • Bearing casting of heavy machinery column, crane rails

Product Detail

Mixing Ratio 5.5 to 7 litre of water per 25 kg LM 1300
Packaging 25 kg / sack
Coverage / sack ± 0.013 m3
Thickness of Application As needed