Plano Series

The introduction of Plano series with a wide selection of sockets & switches with extremely classy & modern look combined with product safety help meet a broad variety of applications in homes, apartment, offices and commercial environment. Plano series are designed to fully comply with the international standards for this class of product and carry the international accreditation mark.

Plano Series Gang Combination

Plano Series available in double gang combination, triple gang combination, four gang combination, and five gang combination.

Broco Plano Series - double gang
Broco Plano Series - triple gang
Broco Plano Series - four gang
Broco Plano Series - five gang

Plano Series Available in 5 Exclusive Colors

Broco Plano Series - White Color


Broco Plano Series - Pearl White Color

Pearl White

Broco Plano Series - Silver Aluminium Color

Silver Aluminium

Broco Plano Series - Harvest Gold Color

Harvest Gold

Broco Plano Series - Black Metallic Color

Black Metallic

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