Self Leveling Underlayment - LM 1200

About Self Leveling Underlayment

LeichtMix Self Leveling Screed LM-1200 is a special blended cement based screed for the leveling of rough and uneven concrete floor to receive smooth finishes. It is formulated with excellent flow ability and bond strength to the substrate.


  • Practical, ready to use with just adding water
  • Economical, time and energy efficient
  • High quality with good compressive strength
  • Easy to flow, easy to be flattened
  • The application results are smooth, not cracked
  • Solid, not shrinking

Area of Application

  • Interior & exterior floor
  • Leveling for uneven substrate prior to tiling
  • can be used as coatings before vynil, epoxy, and parquet applications

Product Detail

Mixing Ratio 5 to 5.5 litre of water per 25 kg LM 1200
Packaging 25 kg / sack
Theoretical Coverage ± 1.9 kg powder/m2 per mm thickness
Thickness of Application 3 - 10 mm