Trasram Plaster - LM 104

About Trasram Plaster

Trasram is a Water repellent plaster with cementious based for application on wall brick. Trasram has high bonding strength, anti sagging, workability and water repellent quality. Applicable for red bricks, bricks, and aerated light brick (AAC/ALC) on humid area.


  • Practical, ready to use with just adding water
  • Economical, time and energy efficient
  • High quality with good pressure and adhesive power
  • Prevents soft cracks and able to adjust with wall expansion
  • Has water repellent characteristic
  • Suitable for humid area (facade, bathroom, basement)

Product Detail

Mixing Ratio 5.6 to 7.2 litre of water per 40 kg LM 104
Packaging 40 kg / sack
Theoretical Coverage ± 2.1 m2 with average thickness 10 mm
Thickness of Application Recommended between 10 - 15 mm
Color Green