Cabinetry System

Broco Mobel was established in 1980’s and has earned the reputation as a leader in fitted cabinet manufacturer. As a pioneer in the Kitchen Cabinet and Wardrobe nowadays, Broco Mobel has expanded our product portfolio to living room furniture, bedroom, vanity, and panelling.

Broco has a very wide range of products and finished to choose from. For modern or minimalist products, Broco produces special door finishes such as high gloss veneer, high gloss profile and structure veneer. And for American Style Classical We provide high quality finishing in solid wood, special antiquated finishes and hand painted spcial effects doors.

Our factory located at Tangerang covering 13,000 m2 equipped with modern & state of the art machineris in doing so, We always endeavours to take account of specific customer requirements as far as possible.

Our Cabinetry System Products